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A fried egg is a cooked dish made from one or more eggs which are removed from their shells and placed into a pan, usually without breaking the yolk, and fried with minimal accompaniment. Fried eggs are traditionally eaten for breakfast in many countries but may also be served at other times of the day.

In various cultures a fried egg may be referred to as a bull's eye, including in India, Italy (uovo all'occhio di bue), the Czech Republic (buli?? oko), Slovakia (volsk? oko), Indonesia (telur mata sapi) and German-speaking countries (Stierenauge, Ochsenauge). In Nigeria a "fried egg" would be a "scrambled egg" in the United Kingdom or United States.

This American dish is usually made by cutting a circle or other shape out of a slice of bread, often using a drinking glass or biscuit cutter. The bread is fried until brown on one side and then flipped, and an egg is broken into the center and seasoned, usually with salt and pepper, and sometimes herbs. The pan is then covered, and the egg is cooked until the white is just set. The cutout center of the bread is often fried as well, and served alongside or on top of the finished egg.

The two most popular fried egg dishes commonly eaten in Russia are yaichnitsa (Russian: яичница), a generic term for pure fried eggs, and omlet (Russian: омлет), an omelet distinguished from simple eggs by addition of milk or other liquids.

Yaichnitsa has two main varieties, a glazoon'ja (Russian: глазунья), usually referring to the sunny-side up but generally meaning any variant with the unbroken yolk, and a scramble called boltunya (Russian: болтунья), which may have various toppings such as fried bacon, ham, salt pork or other cold cuts, fried bread or onion, or other vegetables added. A common way of preparing both types is to have multiple eggs cracked into a saucepan or frying pan and cooked without flipping. The whites flow together and individual portions are divided up after the whole pan-full has cooked.

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