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The Lada 4x4, formerly called the Lada Niva (Russian: Лада Нива; Niva (нива) is the Russian word for "field"), is an off-road vehicle designed and produced by the Russian (former Soviet) manufacturer AvtoVAZ specifically for the rural market, although models made for urban use are sold.

It was the first mass production off-road vehicle to feature a unibody architecture, independent front suspension with coil springs, and is a predecessor to current crossover SUVs which nearly all follow this format; it inspired the Suzuki Vitara. Like the Vitara, the Lada 4?4 uses a recirculating ball truck steering box for off-road reliability. Pickup and emergency van versions are produced by VAZInterService.

The Lada 4?4 was formerly called the Lada Niva. The name change occurred after the Niva brand was transferred to General Motors, though AvtoVAZ retains the rights to the equivalent Cyrillic name, "Нива". It was also marketed as the Lada Sport in Iceland, Lada Taiga in Austria, Bognor Diva in Uruguay and Lada Cossack in the United Kingdom. Since 2014 it has been sold as the LADA 4?4 in Russia, a name which is also beginning to replace "Niva" in export markets.

It was also the first VAZ model which, in additional to the brand's classic export name and the engine displacement, also featured an export name of the model itself (Niva); previous models (the Zhiguli) only featured the brand's export name, Lada, followed by the engine displacement. Also, the Niva was the only VAZ model to use the same model name for both domestic and export markets (VAZ-2121 Niva for domestic, and Lada Niva 1600 for export); the other models had export names different from the names used in the domestic market (for example, the VAZ-2109 Sputnik was the Lada Samara 1500 for export, and the VAZ-2105 Zhiguli, was marked as the Lada Riva 1300 outside the USSR).

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