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Jet ski

A personal watercraft (PWC), also called water scooter, jetski, and comically a boatercycle, is a recreational watercraft that the rider sits or stands on, rather than inside of, as in a boat. PWCs have two style categories, first and most popular being a "sit down" or "couch" where the rider uses the watercraft mainly sitting down, and the watercraft typically holds two or more people. The second style is a "stand-up", where the rider uses the watercraft standing up. The stand-up styles are built for one rider and are used more for doing tricks, racing, and use in competitions. Both styles have an inboard engine driving a pump-jet that has a screw-shaped impeller to create thrust for propulsion and steering. Most are designed for two or three people, though four-passenger models exist.

Personal watercraft are often referred by the trademarked brand names Jet Ski (referring to personal watercraft manufactured by Kawasaki), WaveRunner, or Sea-Doo.

The United States Coast Guard defines a personal watercraft, amongst other criteria, as a jet-drive boat, less than 13 feet (4 m) in length, in order to exclude from that definition more conventional-sized jet-boats. There is a wide variety of "jetboats" many of which exceed 30–40 feet (9–12 m) in length.

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