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Cassette player type of analog tape machine for playing and recording audio compact cassettes; for connection to an audio amplifier or integrated in a music system, and different to a standard cassette recorder with HiFi sound quality.

A cassette player (or cassette deck) is a machine can play audio cassettes. Some cassette players also can record music or other sounds to cassette tapes. If a microphone is built in, there is no need for a separate microphone but in that case the quality of sound may not be so good. Most cassette decks were made in the late 20th century.

A cassette deck is a type of tape machine for playing and recording audio cassettes that does not have a built-in power amplifier or speakers, and serves primarily as a transport. It can be a part of an automotive entertainment system, a part of a portable mini system or a part of a home component system. In the latter case it is also called a component cassette deck or just a component deck.

A tape recorder is a more generic term to identify a device that usually has a self-contained power amplifier and either has a built-in speaker or comes packaged with one.

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