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The infinity symbol (sometimes called the lemniscate) is a mathematical symbol representing the concept of infinity.

The shape of a sideways figure eight has a long pedigree; for instance, it appears in the cross of Saint Boniface, wrapped around the bars of a Latin cross. However, John Wallis is credited with introducing the infinity symbol with its mathematical meaning in 1655, in his De sectionibus conicis. Wallis did not explain his choice of this symbol, but it has been conjectured to be a variant form of a Roman numeral for 1,000 (originally CI, also C), which was sometimes used to mean "many", or of the Greek letter (omega), the last letter in the Greek alphabet.

Leonhard Euler used an open variant of the symbol in order to denote "absolutus infinitus". Euler freely performed various operations on infinity, such as taking its logarithm. This symbol is not used anymore, and is not encoded as a separate character in Unicode.

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