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A Subscription is a feature whereby one receives the latest additions to a YouTube user's videos, a YouTube tag, a YouTube search term or a YouTube playlist. There are two types of subscribing to channels:

clicking the red "subscribe" button at either the top right or top left of the page

going to "my subscriptions" and entering a tag or two to the search box that says "Subscribe to Tags", and clicking subscribe.

A user cannot view another user's subscriptions, as those are kept private.

Rather than selling products individually, a subscription offers periodic (monthly, yearly, or seasonal) use or access to a product or service, or, in the case of performance-oriented organizations such as opera companies, tickets to the entire run of some set number of (e.g., five to fifteen) scheduled performances for an entire season. Thus, a one-time sale of a product can become a recurring sale and can build brand loyalty.

Industries that use this model include mail order book sales clubs and music sales clubs, private webmail providers, cable television, satellite television providers with pay television channels, satellite radio, telephone companies, mobile network operators, internet providers, software publishers, websites (e.g., blogging websites), business solutions providers, financial services firms, health clubs, lawn mowing and snowplowing services, and pharmaceuticals, as well as the traditional newspapers, magazines, and academic journals.

Renewal of a subscription may be periodic and activated automatically so that the cost of a new period is automatically paid for by a pre-authorized charge to a credit card or a checking account. A common variation of the model in online games and on websites is the freemium model, in which a first tier of content is free, but access to premium features (for example, game power-ups or article archives) is limited to paying subscribers.

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