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Masha and the Bear

Masha and the Bear (Russian: Ма́ша и Медве́дь, romanized: Masha i Medved Russian pronunciation: [ˈmaʂə i mʲɪdˈvʲetʲ]) is a Russian preschool comedy computer-animated television series created by Oleg Kuzovkov and produced by Animaccord Animation Studio, loosely based on the oral children's folk story of the same name. The show focuses on the adventures of a little girl named Masha and her caring friend, the bear (mishka) that always keeps her safe from disasters.

Masha and The Bear is the most watched preschool series in the world, with 36 times more requests than the average. It is also the fifth most-watched youth series (0–18) worldwide, just ahead of Peppa Pig.

Many of the episodes have been successful on YouTube. In particular, the Russian-language version of the episode "Маша плюс каша" ("Recipe for Disaster") has almost 4.5 billion views as of April 2022, making it the site's twelfth most viewed video of all time, and the most viewed video on YouTube that is not a music video.

The show consists of five seasons. Season 5, launched in June 2020 was the first Russian-produced animated TV show to be released in 4K.

Masha is a four-year-old girl who lives in the forest with her pig, goat, and dog. In the first episode, it is shown that all the animals in the forest are afraid of her, as she is constantly forcing them to play with her. Then Masha sees a butterfly and inadvertently follows it inside the home of the Bear, who has gone fishing. While playing there, she makes a big mess. When he returns, he sees the disaster caused by Masha. The Bear tries to get rid of Masha but after multiple failed attempts, the unlikely duo become friends.

In each episode of the show, Masha is portrayed as a bright but mischievous little girl who loves exploring the world around her. Masha's shenanigans result in unexpected but entertaining situations that are at the heart of the show's episodes. The kind-hearted Bear is always trying to keep Masha out of trouble, but often ends up the unintended victim of her mischief. There are several supporting characters in the series, including Masha's cousin Dasha, a penguin adopted by the Bear, a young panda cub from China (the Bear's cousin), two wolves who live in an old UAZ ambulance car, a tiger that used to work with the Bear in the circus, and a Female Bear that is the object of the Bear's affections. Characters also include a hare, squirrels and hedgehogs, a pig called Rosie, a goat, and a dog who all live in Masha's front yard.

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